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Pachyderm Learning Resources


Reference and Help Documents

Pachyderm User Manual (PDF) Sample Presentation: "Tracks of a Pachyderm" Sample Presentation Design Flowchart (PDF)

Video Tutorials

NOTE: These tutorials reference the "Tracks of a Pachyderm" sample presentation linked above.

Introduction to Pachyderm (7:04) Authoring Interface (4:17) Media Manager Overview (5:37) How to Link Screens (5:31) Exploraton Entry Template/Home Screen (6:32) Aspects Template (6:02) Commentary Template (5:34) Dual Comparison Template (5:26) Enlargement Template (4:07) Full-Screen SWF Template (3:59) Layers Template (6:05) Media Focus Template (4:56) Series Template (7:44) Slider Template (5:12) Zoom Template (3:26)

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